Rating: 5 Stars

Publisher: Self Published 

Tags: Historical, Gay Romance, Obsession, Moral Ambiguity  

Length: 64 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza

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When a handsome young mute man is admitted to Link Hill Insane Asylum, Dr Daniel Archer’s world is turned upside down. Whilst Dr Archer battles his inner demons, his superiors begin to suspect that the doctor’s interest in his patient may be a little more than merely professional. But who is the mysterious Mr White, is he really as unknowing as he first appears to be and can love possibly triumph even against such stacked odds? 


First of all, I kind of go all analytical and cerebral in my audio review but I like to analyse things. It’s who I am 😀

What you really need to know is that When the Music Stops is beautifully crafted. Although there is an unease around the story and what you know will ultimately be these characters romantic connection – the mute “Mr White” and his treating psychiatrist, Dr Archer –  but these characters got right under my skin and into into my very viscera. It took me a few days to formulate a review as I processed everything. It’s atmospheric. It’s different. I think the writing is omniscient third person limited, don’t quote me as I’m no expert on creative writing. What I do know is it’s a unique narrative in romance writing. It is also morally ambiguous… and then some. It was a hard-limit book for me because of my profession but I finally decided on reading it and am so glad I did – thank you to Laura Lascarso for the on-point rec.

Audio Note: I say Nobel Peace Prize, I meant Nobel Prize.