I’ve been a reader for as long as I could hold a book in my hand. Most of what I read is LGBT, though I’m not limited to that genre. What I read depends on my mood. I love romance, a good thriller, a good horror story, and erotica (hetero or M/M). I love humor and if a book can make me laugh out loud it’s a winner for me. I also read a lot of books about family. I hate rush, rush endings and southern-speak in books makes me crazy. I also review horror at Dark Hints Reviews. Please read my Reviewing Preferences below for On Top Down Under. 

A bit more: I’m a mother of three grown sons and an ‘adopted’ mother to most of their friends. I judge restaurants by their margaritas, not their food. I believe two of the greatest things in the world are chocolate and good black coffee – preferably at the same time.



Reading Preferences:

I mostly read LGBT books, but I am flexible in my reading and am known to step away from these completely on occasion. The following is a guide –

Contemporary Romance – M/M and the occasional M/F

Humor – I love something that can make me laugh

Angst – with a HEA


Dark/Erotic Horror

Erotica – M/M or M/F

Family – I love books with kids in them

Ménage – M/M/M only

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Horror – with or without romance


Paranormal/Supernatural – with an emphasis on Ghosts and the occasional Vampire and Shifter

I do read
books that don’t fall into the above categories. These are preferences only. If a book looks interesting to me, I will read it. Occasionally I will add photos, aside from the book cover, and they may be adult in nature, or they may not. Keep this in mind before sending a review request.

Cindi reads in mobi format only. 



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