Rating: 5 Stars

Publisher: Self Published 

Genre:  Gay Romance

Tags: Mythology, Supernatural, Paranormal, Moral Ambiguity, Religious Themes, 2nd Book of Trilogy

Length: 374 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza

Purchase At: amazon, Laura Lascarso 


As a bloodborn Nephilim, Vincent’s power of seduction can compel beings to spill their secrets, but he seeks to know the mysteries of only one man’s soul—those of his protector, Henri.

With the grief of his lover’s fate still fresh, Henri resists Vincent’s amorous advances. Even as the bond between them intensifies, and his self-control falters, Henri won’t risk losing his beloved again.

When Henri takes Vincent as his demon-hunting apprentice, their combined abilities uncover corruption amongst the gods. Tempers flare and loyalties are tested as the lies meant to protect become the same ones that ensnare.

And with divine forces attempting to coerce him at every turn, Henri must distinguish ally from enemy, and truth from deceit if he hopes to protect his bloodborn prince.

Bloodborn Prince is the second installment of the Mortal and Divine trilogy. Blood crimes and betrayal abound.


I exploded through the shop’s flimsy wooden door and was greeted by the howls of an infant. A good cry. A strong cry. Like a warrior. Your sounds tuned my every instinct to a fine point aimed toward one primal urge…
Protect him.

And thus starts volume two of a heart-pounding, nail-biting, passion-fuelled, morally ambiguous and obsessive love that spans decades and death and manipulations and so much more.

Wonderful, wonderful characters. Henri is something special and his ballet danseur/princeling is the perfect person/being for him. Perfectly flawed, just the way I love them.

Brilliant world building between (the primarily) contemporary Miami setting and the supernatural/spiritual /mythological realm. There is plenty to sink your teeth into. It’s well constructed because there is the right amount of action, sides, build and reveal. If needed there is a glossary at the back.

There is a slow burn in this book. It allows the plot to work its magic but you are also seduced along the way until you are well and truly rewarded with Henri and Vincent’s ssssteam heat. *Phew!  

Oooh, the angels and the demons do like to play games. They don’t care about the casualties. To rise to your own level of use within an organisation and create havoc, to mess with certain players? Well, a war is coming. I’m here for it.

The lush prose, again written in second person, is intense. It’s familiar now. Expected. It’s written to make you feel like you are in Henri and Vincent’s skin. It’s to simultaneously addict the reader and torture them while we read and wait, with a collective bated breath, for several other shoes to drop. This series, this book, it edges you.

If you love cats, it’s something else to enjoy. They form a curious and important aspect to this story. I’d call it cats with a twist. Spooky, did you do something shady? Hmm?

Lena. I respect your commitment to Sparkle Motion… but boo, you whore!

Azrael, you’re playing with fire. Be careful you don’t get burned.

Lucian, you’re a sadistic, mouthy arsehole. Don’t get killed off. You need a book or three of your own.

I cannot wait for Parousia. I’m having terrible withdrawals right now.

Note: My audio review could be considered a spoiler if you haven’t read Book of Orlando or Bloodborn Prince. However, you could play some sort of drinking game off the back of my overuse of the word “interesting.”