Rating: 3 Stars

Publisher: R.G. Alexander

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Contemporary, Friends to Lovers, GFY, Romance, Series, Virgin

Length: 226 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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Blurb –

Ever had a crush on your best friend?

That feeling when you’re a thirty-year-old gay virgin with no social life, nosy neighbors and a lot of awkward, secret fantasies revolving around your straight best friend? Yeah, that’s me right now.

Brendan Kinkaid was there for me during the darkest period of my life, so when the sexy pilot shows up suspended and needing a place to crash, there’s no question that I’ll take him in.

That’s when things get weird.

He’s acting like a stranger. A stranger who wants to spend his two-week layover taking our friendship to another level. It’s either the beginning of a great porno or a disaster waiting to happen.

I’m tempted to give in, but no matter what he says, I know he’s not looking for a permanent place to land. And I’m not sure I can live with what I’ll lose when he flies away again.

Warning: This book contains explicit m/m sex. Yep. Two guys getting naked and falling in love. With each other. Don’t act so surprised. It may also contain bungee cord bondage, exhibitionism, massages with happy endings, a large cast of characters, and Peruvian flutes. Did I mention the sex?

*This book has characters from book 1 of the Finn Pub romance series as well as a few from the bestselling Finn Factor series, but it can be read as a standalone if you don’t feel like binging.

Review –

A thirty-year-old virgin sits in a crowded pub, fondling his nuts…

Yeah, don’t get your hopes up – this isn’t the start of a porno. As usual when it comes to my social life, it isn’t as exciting as it sounds.

The first thing I’m going to say about this book is that it is a true gay for you story. Normally if a book is billed as GFY, there have been hints with the MC that he was into men as well as women but hadn’t explored that yet. Not Brendan in Two Weeks And A Day. He’s 100% only into Miller, not any other man. He even went to a gay club overseas to see if he felt any type of spark with other guys. It didn’t happen. Just Miller.

Which is extremely unrealistic as far as Brendan is concerned. I’m sure the reasons why I say it’s so unrealistic will become obvious the more you read of my review.

Brendan and his friend Royal are womanizing airline pilots. Royal was introduced as JD’s foster brother in One Night At Finn’s. I liked Royal right off. Their conquests around the world are kind of legendary and something Brendan has bragged to his best friend Miller about for years.

Miller is a massage therapist. He and Brendan became close when both of their mothers were in the same hospital years before. Brendan wasn’t close to his own mother but he got close to Miller’s. They remained close after their mothers died and have been best friends ever since.

Brendan is 35 and has never been with a man.

Miller is a socially awkward 30-year-old gay virgin who has been in love with Brendan for years – the same so-called best friend he hasn’t heard from in months.

There was a huge argument, things were said (by Brendan) that shouldn’t have been said, and Miller kicked him out of his house. He should have.

Now Brendan is back.

Miller has been asked by Brendan to meet him and his friend Royal at Finn’s Pub and to bring along his friend and coworker Austen because Royal is interested in her. I liked Austen right off. She’s a take-no-prisoners kind of woman. Austen doesn’t know why she’s at the pub, and honestly, Miller’s sorry he agreed to the little set up. Royal and Brendan are late – not a good thing considering how awkward Miller feels in a bar – and Miller just wants to leave. When they’re about to do just that, Royal and a very drunk Brendan arrive.

Not a good intro as far as I was concerned. My first time seeing Brendan and he was wasted and acting like an idiot in a crowded pub. It doesn’t take long before the reader finds out why he felt the need to get falling down drunk when he knew he’d be seeing his best friend for the first time since a big blowup. Oh, and did I mention that the straight, womanizing Brendan has suddenly decided he wants his best friend? No, not just wants. He’s in lurve with his best friend.

Yeah, no.

Brendan has just been suspended from his airline for two weeks as an investigation is conducted over something that happened on a flight. And to add to that, he’s also been evicted from his condo without warning because of something somebody else did in his absence that kind of goes along with that womanizing thing.

He has nowhere to live and no job for at least the next two weeks. Of course, he can count on Miller to take him in.

Royal drops them off when they leave the pub and within seconds Brendan’s hand is down Miller’s pants.

Way to jump right in there, buddy.

There’s also a dog. Nobody can figure out why Brendan has a dog. That doesn’t come out until the next morning.

Anyway, Brendan jerks off his best friend and then commences to pass out on the couch. The next morning Miller tries to pretend it didn’t happen but Brendan doesn’t allow it.

He knew exactly what he was doing and had every intention of graduating from hand jobs to full-on sex.

He’s never been with a man.

He’s never wanted to be with a man.

He’s had sex with so many women he wouldn’t be able to throw out a number of how many if it was a matter of life and death.

Things happen with nosy neighbors, the dog – affectionately named Dix Balzack (say it slowly) – and other things before it gets to the full-on sex part.

For somebody who’s never hooked up with a guy, Brendan sure seems to be an expert at it.

That was serious sarcasm, obviously.

Like I said above, unrealistic. It was implied that since he’d been with so many women that he had a clue and knew exactly what he was doing. I literally rolled my eyes when I read that.

Miller smartly doesn’t believe that Brendan will be hanging around once his two week suspension is over. He’s thinking that Brendan will have his fun experimenting with a guy and then go back to his womanizing ways. Miller’s heart will be broken but he’ll survive. He knows his friend too well. Brendan doesn’t exactly exude the ‘take home to mother’ vibe or the one that says he’d be capable of being in a real relationship, and I mean that with anybody – male or female.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the way Brendan did eventually say the words. Miller didn’t handle it well, which was understood. They eventually work things out and have their HEA.

That’s basically the story.

I did like seeing characters from One Night At Finn’s. I adored JD and simply loved Carter. JD’s in this one more than Carter but it was nice to see them both. I’ve already mentioned Royal. There were also some things happening with the neighbors, one of which being a teenager who had their own issues. I wish I could’ve seen more of Fred. As I said in my review of the first book, I’ve not read the other Finn books by this author so any of the other characters mentioned in passing didn’t really mean much to me.

One thing I did miss was the humor from the first book, though there were a couple of instances that I think were supposed to be funny. If so, it fell flat.

I didn’t hate this. I actually liked it. I guess I just felt that Miller jumped in too hard too fast, even knowing  he’d likely get his heart broken if/when Brendan took off again. He was also too forgiving over the huge fight they’d had months before. I love my best friend dearly, but there are some things that I wouldn’t be able to let go. But then again, my best friend would never intentionally hurt me like Brendan did Miller. His reasons for that came out but it didn’t matter. If he was jealous and cared as much about Miller as he claimed to, he wouldn’t have waited months to try to make amends. And when he did? It was when he was falling down drunk and had no place to stay for two weeks.

I loved the first book but unfortunately this one just didn’t wow me like it did.

Side note: The ‘warning’ in the blurb… It read to me as, “Gasp! Gay men have sex!” 🙂