Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Self Published 

Genre: Gay Romance 

Tags: Hitmen, Action, Humour, Violence, Series

Length: 281 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza

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Mortal-enemies-turned-furniture-breaking-lovers August Morrison and Ricardo Torralba have found a groove that suits them both. They’ve teamed up as hired guns, they live together, and by some miracle, they haven’t killed each other. It’s the closest to normal they’ll ever have, and they love it.

But their guns-and-roses future is thrown into chaos when Ricardo’s past comes crashing into their present. What begins as a favor for an old friend—well, “friend,” but don’t tell August—quickly spirals into something far bigger than they anticipated. Now they’re in way over their heads with powerful people on both sides of the law, and it’s going to take more than snark and explosions to see them through.

Nevertheless, there will be plenty of snark and explosions, because this is August and Ricardo, and no one would expect any less. In between the smoke and sarcasm, though, they are determined to bring an evil operation crashing down… no matter who they have to work with to get the job done.

And no matter who they have to kill.

Sniper vs Spotter is the sequel to the apparently-it-doesn’t-want-to-be-a-standalone Hitman vs Hitman, which absolutely was supposed to be a standalone, but August and Ricardo (predictably) refused to be contained. Our audiobook narrator also shares some of the blame, Michael. So here we are.


Eight years after Ricardo’s divorce his ex wife’s lawyer contacts him to let him know that Eve needs to speak with him. Urgently. So, what’s a guy to do? Say okay, sure. Seems Eve, who was under the impression Ricardo had cheated on her – because that was a lot easier to let her believe than explaining being a hitman – slept with Ricardo’s ex army spotter, Sandman. Ricardo did tell her he was not even close to a good guy but Eve felt spurned, so….. Now Sandman’s stalking Eve and behaving like an all around douchebag so she reaches out. The thing is, Eve doesn’t know what the guys do for a living. She just thinks Ricardo will talk to Sandman and maybe threaten him enough to leave her alone. However, ideas of Sandman’s douchebaggery are about to be raised exponentially as he’s into some very bad stuff. Stuff that makes our MC’s original plans much more complicated.

August and Ricardo are now living together in August’s newly built and lavish fortress house and it was so nice to see them interact again. They can talk shop and they get each other’s work and level of crazy. August is particularly extra. Their backstories are able to be discussed with each other with clear understanding and without judgment. The men take Eve under their wing and there is absolutely no jealousy from August or Eve, and Ricardo was waiting for August to get possessive or Eve to be disapproving. But there was no petty behaviour. Loved it. August wants to “keep Eve,” they can swap fashion ideas and Ricardo stories. Eve appreciates what Ricardo has found, and they get along really well.

The door shut, and she looked at Ricardo, eyes still wide. “Well, then. You found yourself a hot, young, rich man.” She squeezed his arm and smiled. “Nicely done.”

While you understand Ricardo’s desire to help out Eve, August is well and truly onboard with taking out Sandman as he also has emotional skin in the game. Besides the fact that he likes Eve, he doesn’t like, for reasons, people who kidnap other people, take away their agency. He’s happy to do this hit for free and Ricardo’s also in because he hates that Eve has been treated like this by anyone, let alone his ex spotter.

I believe you really do need to have read Hitman vs Hitman, book #1, to get true enjoyment out of Sniper vs Spotter. It’s the continuation of August and Ricardo’s… interesting romance. There are also a couple of characters who carry over from that book as well and it seems there is a third book in the making. *Claps hands

The basics- 

What a great writing duo Cari Z and L A Witt are. I always buy and enjoy their co-writes.

There is plenty of action in this instalment. These guys don’t go in half measures.

I generally enjoy a dual POV and you get both August and Ricardo’s.

While there’s not much sexy-time, a little bit does go a long way. It’s perfect.

The romance was very awwww inspiring. Ricardo, you romantic devil. He thinks about how much August centres him. How much August picks him up – because Ricardo can be intense and August is just so theatrical and perky. He loves how much August just gets things. That they both seem to know when to push and when to pull back. Sharing is caring -they definitely don’t mind killing people together, believe me, it’s touching. It’s nice to see Ricardo falling so hard. That August is there right alongside him makes it all the sweeter.

Once again the humour was fantastic between this unlikely pair. And they are unlikely – August the billionaire hitman who does this for his personal reasons. Ricardo the ex green beret who finds this is what he can do to make a living now he’s no longer in the military. They were competitors and pretty much enemies until the job in Hitman vs Hitman changed all of that. This book takes them to the next level of their relationship and partnership, and it’s so comfortable. I now have absolutely everything crossed that this will become an audiobook with Michael Ferraiuolo narrating again. If you haven’t had the pleasure of book #1, go grab the audio of Hitman vs Hitman. It’s simply outstanding. For Sniper vs Spotter it’s 4 Stars!