Rating: 3.5 Stars

Publisher: Equal Love Publishing

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Fated Mates, First Time, Friends To Lovers, Mpreg, Romance, Series, Wolf Shifters

Length: 145 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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This review immediately goes into spoilers from Furbitten Teacher (Furbitten Falls Alphas, #1). There are also slight spoilers for Furbitten Brother.

Blurb –

A lie gone too far.
Their inner wolves can’t hold back.
Can a bond for life hold them together?

Chasen is overjoyed to attend his brother’s wedding. And as if things can’t get better, he catches scent of his fated mate just before the vows are exchanged. Better yet, he knows who it is. 

But isn’t Tate an alpha? 

Tate is an omega hiding in plain sight among alphas. Hiding his omegadom with the help of anti-heat pills, he knows it’ll be a rough night when he can’t find the bottle. With the moon at her peak, he knows he’s in a delicious kind of trouble. Could his best friend’s brother be his fated mate? 

With their family and friends catching on, will Chasen and Tate be able to keep their relationship going? 

You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you wind your way through the twists and turns! This mpreg wolf shifter romance novel is too steamy for anyone other than adults. With no cheating and an HEA, you will surely get your warm, furbitten feels! This book and every other book in the Furbitten Falls Alpha’s series can be read in any order! 

Review –

Right after the conclusion of Jarrett and Brent’s bonding ceremony in Furbitten Teacher Jarrett and Brent sneak off to find a place to play around a little before they and the others shift and do their moon run. They open a door to find Chasen, Jarrett’s older brother, going hot and heavy with Tate, Jarrett’s best friend. The reader hears about it from Jarrett and Brent’s point of view. In Furbitten Brother we get to see it from Chasen and Tate’s.

I’ll just say this… holy cow! That was one hell of a build up to one hell of a sex scene.

It’s the day of Jarrett and Brent’s bonding ceremony and Tate, Jarrett’s best man, is freaking out. He can’t find his anti-heat pills. For years he’s taken them religiously to keep everyone from knowing he’s an omega, not an alpha. At first, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the deception. His own best friend was led to believe Tate was an alpha, along with everybody else, including Chasen. Tate has had a serious crush on Chasen for years and that plays the biggest part in why he takes the pills. By taking them he hopes he can maybe keep enough distance from Chasen so that when Chasen finds his fated mate it won’t hurt Tate as much. The explanation for all that made sense, I suppose, but it was still deception. Jarrett should’ve been told. I wasn’t happy with Jarrett acting childish later when the truth comes out. He handled things poorly. Be upset with your friend, sure, but don’t abandon him during the most important moment of his life.

I’ll come back to that.

When Tate can’t find his pills he figures he’ll be okay for one night. It’s not like he’s going to find his fated mate at a ceremony where he knows everybody who’ll be in attendance, right? Yeah, about that… All the years of taking the anti-heat pills in order to not get so close to Chasen backfired. Had he not been taking them he’d have known that he’d had wasted years for nothing – Chasen is his fated mate. It all makes sense really. They’ve both flirted back and forth for years and it’s obvious they both wanted a lot more but couldn’t act on it for a couple of reasons. Jarrett and Tate are best friends, and isn’t there something in the Bro Code about not dating your brother’s friends? And just hooking up would end up hurting both guys later when one or both found their fated mate.

Chasen, while waiting for Jarrett to walk down the aisle for the bonding ceremony with Brent, scents his mate. He knows it’s crazy. Doesn’t he know everybody there? Who could it be? The stronger the smell, the more obsessed he becomes in finding the person. The person he sees as the smell gets stronger is Tate. No way could Tate be the man he’s waited for his entire life. One, he believes Tate is an alpha. Two, he and Tate have spent a lot of time together and there’s been no hint (or scent) of them being anything other than friends. Hell, they’d even slept together in the same tent once and nothing happened.

But the scent coming from Tate is so strong, along with Chasen’s body’s reaction to it. Even then, he doesn’t believe it’s Tate until they’re across the room during the ceremony and Chasen can tell that Tate’s having the same reaction he’s having.

This leads to one of the hottest sex scenes ever.

Things move really fast in this story. As in, they have sex and there’s an immediate pregnancy. We’re talking literally 3 days after and Tate is having pregnancy symptoms. Or maybe it was 2? Or even 1? It’s hard to tell because there are a few pages right after the bonding ceremony when the timeline is all over the place. At first it’s Monday and they’d had sex the first time on Friday. The very next page it was yesterday. Then it was a couple of days ago. Then it went back to it being Monday and they’d had sex the first time on Friday. Inconsistencies like that absolutely drive me nuts in books. Even now, long after finishing the book, I don’t have a clue how long in between the sex and the pregnancy confirmation. It was that scattered.

This is when my opinion of Jarrett changed, at least temporarily. He was angry for being left out of the loop about his brother and best friend. And he did find out in a not-so-ideal way and I’m not referring to walking in on them having sex. However, his best friend needed him and he abandoned him. He made good later, but I wasn’t happy with how he handled things. He wasn’t angry over the fated mate thing – that can’t be controlled. He was angry over the deception by Tate (the omega/alpha thing) which was more than understandable. BUT… he should’ve talked to Tate about it instead of being a jerk. There was a lot more at stake than two friends and a brother.

Tate and Chasen jump in headfirst and don’t slow down until Tate’s business is threatened over something that Chasen knew about but had neglected to tell Tate. In Chasen’s defense, he’d been so involved with finding his mate, learning he was going to be a daddy, and other things. It had simply slipped his mind. Even so, it was irresponsible.

I’m not sure how I felt about all that and what was done to fix things. Tate being upset was more than understandable. Even so, while everything else in the story moved super fast, all this seemed to drag on too long. I think there was a mention of 2 months without them seeing or talking to each other? I could be wrong but it took 2 months for Chasen to ‘fix’ things (I can’t say what he did) so that’s my assumption.

With all that being said, I liked this. I went into it believing I’d like it more than Furbitten Teacher because I loved Chasen and Tate in that one. While I did like them okay, I think Furbitten Teacher is my fave in the series so far.

Now to Slater and his next door twink. 🙂 Slater is the more serious brother.