Rating: 3.75 Stars 

Publisher: NineStar Press

Genre: Genre Fiction  

Tags: Sci-Fi, Genre Fiction, Lesfic

Length: 36,600 Words 

Reviewer: Kazza

Purchase At:  amazon, NineStar Press  (Dec 30th Release)


It’s been 227 days since Essex Colony’s last transmission…

Dispatched to the surface of Essex Prime and tasked with discovering what happened to the colony, Doctor Soran Ingram discovers that most of the colonists are dead and the surviving Executive Officer—Aline Aster—has turned into a ravening wolf-beast. The human survivors claim the XO and her Lunaran fellows went mad and killed everyone, but Soran has her doubts.

Following Aster’s testimony, as well as clues left behind, Soran embarks on a fact-finding mission to retrace the colony’s last steps before disaster struck.

She’ll soon discover more than uncertainty lurks in the dark spaces of the world.

I requested Essex Colony because I’d started reading another Lia Cooper book and was enjoying it but life circumstances pulled me away and I never had a chance to go back. This sounded interesting, something different right now, and like a book that could take me away from the usual gay romance into space… and with women.
Lia Cooper has created engaging MCs, although I would not complain about a bit more, especially for XO Aline Aster, and an interesting world that delivers a sense of time and place well.