Rating: 4 ‘Show Me Your Dragon!’ Stars

Publisher: Silvia Violet

Genre: Gay Paranormal Romance

Tags: Paranormal, Christmas, Fated Mates, Humor, Insta-Love, Mpreg, Romance, Series, Shape Shifters

Length: 103 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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Blurb –

Best Surprise Ever: Going out to add to your Christmas hoard and finding your fated mate.

I’ve been longing to find my mate for over a thousand years. When I see him for the first time, he’s standing beneath sparkling glass ornaments, like a present waiting to be unwrapped. A present I intend to lay claim to.

If I can lure him back to my lair, I’ll shower him with so many gifts he’ll never want to leave. Bonded with my mate by Christmas? Yes, please.

I’m no good at flirting and have terrible luck with men, so when a gorgeous alpha says he wants to take me home, I’m shocked. And wary. My heat is about to start, and I’ve never shared it with anyone, so why do I suddenly want to say yes to this stranger?

There’s something unusual about him, the way his eyes shine, the odd phrases he keeps using. He says he wants to add me to his collection of beautiful things. I should be offended, but instead, I’m intrigued. Just this once, should I take a risk?

The Lonely Dragons Club is an MM dragon shifter mpreg series about finding your one true love.

Review –

I know it’s a little late for a holiday story, but this one was just too cute not to review. It’s been a long time since I’ve grinned throughout an entire book like I did this one. I almost didn’t read it because it’s a Christmas story. I’m glad I did.

Laszlo is an alpha and a dragon shifter. He’s all about shiny and flashy things. He’s like a big kid when it comes to baubles and anything else that sparkles. He recently spotted some expensive hand blown ornaments in a shop in town that he simply has to buy to go with the 5.2 million others in his collection, aka his hoard. 😉 Something else shiny and sparkly (two hot omegas) distracted him last time he saw them. He’s determined to get them today and I’m not talking about the omegas.

Inside the shop, he sees the ornaments – determined not to be distracted this time – and walks straight over to the display, wanting to buy them all. But then he sees the hottie behind the counter and freezes. Oh, he still wants to buy the ornaments, but he’s really wanting the sexy omega. This man isn’t like the others Laszlo’s been with. This one has his dragon saying, “Mine. Mate.” Who is he to argue? The longer he’s in the shop the more intense everything seems to get. Even better, he knows that the young man is close to being in heat.

Roman, the hottie behind the counter, is shocked when a gorgeous guy says he wants to buy a lot of the expensive ornaments when Roman wouldn’t be able to afford even one. What’s even stranger to Roman is how the man is insistent that he personally take them to his house – like now, with customers still in the store, and with over an hour still to go of Roman’s shift.

“Do you have someone to help you through your heat?” If he did, I would simply have to kill them. Simple as that.

Knowing he’s making a mistake – and knowing that his body is totally reacting to the sexy man in a way it never has before – he rushes the customers out and is shooting a message to his boss saying there’s been an emergency and then he’s leaving with Laszlo. He does have the frame of mind to send his best friend a text with Laszlo’s address. You know, just in case he’s leaving with a serial killer or something.

“I promise, you won’t regret it.”

“I’m sure that’s what a serial killer would say.”

“It’s not.” I knew better than he did. He’d probably never eaten one… or ten.

Once they get to Laszlo’s huge home, Roman’s heat is slamming into him full-force. Of course, Laszlo is more than eager to help him with that. And he does – for days. They only come up for air when they’re forced to. The staff has been ordered to stay away with the exception of keeping food available outside the door. After their very first time (or should I say during) Roman discovers that the man he’s fooling around with isn’t exactly like anybody else he’s had sex with or even met. Thankfully, he takes to his new mate being a dragon shifter much better than expected.

There’s a jealous employee – that would be Pierre – who wants Laszlo all to himself. There’s Holden, Roman’s best friend who freaked out when he couldn’t get in touch with his bestie for days and days. He shows up at Laszlo’s place around the same time another dragon comes swooping in – in his shifted form. That would be Kymar, who takes to Holden immediately. They were hilarious. Kymar and Holden’s story is book #2.

There’s a tad of drama but it doesn’t last long. I absolutely adored Laszlo. He’s like a kid in a candy store with bling and shiny things and he loves Christmas. Every inch of his house and grounds is decorated. And he totally loves Roman and wants nothing more than to spoil him, and he does. It takes Roman a little bit of time to come around – and getting pregnant immediately and having severe morning sickness doesn’t help – but then the mate bond truly slams into him and everything is perfect.

Laszlo is bossy, he’s vain, and he’s a like a big kid when it comes to pretty things, including his new mate. Another review described the story as fluffy and adorable. I couldn’t agree more.

A really cute and funny story.