Rating: 4.5 Stars

Publisher: Self Pubbed

Genre:  Gay Erotica

Length: 9 Pages

Reviewer: Jay 

Purchase At: amazon 


When you get two men alone in a gym shower, there’s no telling what could happen.

In this gay Erotic Story, Aaron, who loves to spy on other men when they’re not looking, accidentally gets caught by a muscular fellow gym goer after staring a little too long at the large bulge in his tight, red boxer briefs. He then faces the consequences for his actions later, after his workout, in the gym showers.

Below is a snippet from the story (NSFW):

“I step away from the crack and grab my shower gel. I put a little bit in my hand and start to lather up while paying extra attention to my now hard dick. I close my eyes. Standard washing transitions into a slow jack-off session. I bring my hand up and down my shaft fantasizing about getting fucked by the stranger in the stall across from me: his large hands grabbing my waist as he thrusts his thick cock deep into my ass while I’m hanging on to the shower valve for dear life. I open my eyes and peek through the crack between the curtain and the wall to see if I can see him. My heart stops. His curtain is fully open. He’s naked and showering in the open, to my assumption, wanting an audience. An audience that would truly appreciate his gorgeous body. I pull my curtain open a little bit more to get a better view.”

Get the book today to find out what happens after Aaron pulls his curtain open a little bit more.

My Review~

I didn’t check to see how many pages this was. 9 pages. Felt longer if that makes sense. Sexy as fuck if that helps. It was 99 cents so that’s okay but more pages would make people grab it quicker I reckon.

Aaron loves checking out other guys at his gym in the locker room. In the showers that have flimsy curtains in the way that don’t cover everything if you get my meaning~ 😉  😉 There’s this hot guy with red boxer briefs and rough tradie hands and a monster cock that grinds his crank and he sees Aaron looking at his cock. Will they chuck him outta the gym for being so pervy?


I stand up and take half a second to admire the expertly crafted piece of manhood before me. It was as long and thick as a 20 oz bottle of soda. I could see a single vein running from the rim of his circumcised head to the point where his shaft met his pelvis. I fully extend my back to stand up and my worst fears come to light.
Our eyes meet.

He goes about his gym work stressing it then ends up back in the shower and tradie bends over giving Aaron an eyeful then when he looks again tradie hasn’t closed his curtain and he beckons Aaron over. Score!


Maybe he works in construction. His large hands grab the waistband of his underwear and pulls them down bending at the waist, exposing his thick ass as if he wants me to look at it. I start to feel hot again.

Voyeur and exhibitionist. Niiiice!
He then places his dick in my ass in a way where my cheeks are hugging his monster cock firmly in place. He takes his right hand and starts to play with my nipple. I whimper in pleasure.

Hot. Well written. Write em longer Colin you’ve got what it takes mate! These two smash it!