Code Name Jack Rabbit by Elizabeth Noble

Series: The Vampire Guard

Book Number: 1

Publisher: Howling Corgi Press

Release Date: January 12, 2021


Pages: 200

Tag Line: Where Legend and Myth Meet Science and Technology

Genre: Urban Fantasy/SciFi/Thriller

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Vampires and werewolves live long lives. The Sleepless City saga might have ended but the story continues

Welcome to The Vampire Guard, where legend and myth meet science and technology.

Vampires make the best spies. Throw a smart-mouthed werewolf in with three vampires, mix well, and The Vampire Guard’s newest team is bound to become one of their greatest assets. Super spies with a full range of skills. Warrior, hacker, thief, and scientist.  They get in, do the job and get out before the bad guys ever know what hit them.

Forge, Blair, Declan, and Lucas are thrust into the world of high-tech spies and top-secret espionage conspiracies. Recruited into the world’s most elite and secret organization with one singular mission. Protect those who can’t defend themselves from ruin.

Life becomes complicated when an impending Presidential visit to their town, Boggslake, throws them headlong into the world of the vampires and werewolves of the Vampire Guard. Very quickly they uncover and confront a werewolf terrorist organization known as the Qiguan.

Together they must thwart an assassination attempt on the open waters of Lake Superior while tracking a previously unknown biological weapon controlled by the Qiguan—a weapon which may very well mean death for one of them.


Blair fumbled with the bottle, and as he cranked down on the corkscrew, Forge sucked in a breath. “Go easy or you’ll break the bottle.” The bottle tipped precariously to the side, and Blair narrowly avoided dropping it onto the floor.

Bronwen held out her hand. “Maybe you should let me. The bottle seems to be winning.” She had the bottle open and wine poured in glasses in no time. Handing one off to Blair, she added, “Let me get the rest of our dinner.”

Blair followed her. “I’ll help you.”

They watched as Bronwen handed Blair a basket of rolls and a butter dish. She winked at him and put her hand over his for a few seconds. 

“Don’t worry, it’s plastic.”

Lucas burst out laughing, Declan leaned back and smiled, and Forge growled.

Blair hurried from the kitchen, and Bronwen picked up a salad bowl and followed him. She kicked off her shoes before sitting at the table. Blair sat opposite her. He’d barely gotten a few bites of food down before they saw Bronwen shift in her chair.

“Can you fill me in on what your project is, and what you need from me?” Blair said. A second later he jumped and garbled out, “Oommph.”

Forge tried to stand up, but Lucas held him down. Declan covered his mouth and chuckled. “Did she just—?” Declan sputtered.

“Yes,” Forge ground out.

“More wine?” Bronwen asked and smiled.

“Who are the people in that photograph? One looks like he could be my brother, except I don’t have a brother,” Blair said in a rush.

“I guess I owe you an explanation.” Bronwen pulled her feet under her chair and hooked her ankles together. “The man in that photograph is…was…someone very dear to me. I study freshwater ecosystems. We worked on that together. There are still undiscovered creatures living in many of the world’s fresh waters. Everyone thinks it’s the oceans that harbor the hidden wonders, but that’s not entirely true. Henry, that was his name, died in a horrible accident.”

“What happened?”

“It’s not important anymore. The others in that photograph are specialists in their fields that I work with.” Bronwen stopped and smiled. “I want to talk about you.”

“Who is the guy with the red hair? He looks familiar,” Blair said.

Bronwen leaned back and sighed. “I imagine a few of those people would since that picture was taken near here. You’ve probably seen him around the uni or something.”

“Maybe,” Blair said and sipped his wine. “But if I’m going to work with them, I should know at least a little about them.”

“He’s a maritime salvage and excavation expert. Unpleasant man, but he gets the job we need him to do done.” She stopped and picked at her food for a minute before looking up and continuing. “If you want complete honesty, he frightens me.”

“What sort of job,” Blair asked. “What does he have to excavate underwater in the name of marine-life research? You know, I’ve been working on some software that produces refined images from various types of sonar and Doppler radar. It might be useful to you and then you could fire him.”

Bronwen smiled and reached for a roll. Her hand bumped her wineglass, sending it toppling. The wine dripped off the edge of the table and onto Bronwen’s clothes. 

“Oh!” She jumped up and grabbed a napkin to dab at her leg.

“Who didn’t see that coming?” Lucas asked.

Forge heaved a sigh. “Blair.”

“Do you want me to get…something?” Blair was on his feet a second after Bronwen. He righted her glass and started mopping up wine.

“I’d better get this off and to soaking. I’ll be right back,” Bronwen said and hurried to her bedroom.

Blair leaned one hand on the table and took a few deep breaths. He had just taken a mouthful of wine when the bedroom door opened.

“Oh, crap,” Lucas said, trying not to laugh when Bronwen came back into view. 

Blair spit wine everywhere.



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Mystery, action, chills, and thrills spiced with romance and desire. ELIZABETH NOBLE lives by the adage “I can’t not write.” She doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t make up stories and eventually she learned how to put words on a page. Those words turned into books and fan fiction that turned into a genuine love of M/M fiction. A part of every day is spent living in worlds she created that are filled with intrigue and espionage. She has a real love for a good mystery complete with murder and twisty plots as well as all things sci-fi, futuristic, and supernatural.

When she’s not chronicling the adventures of her many characters, Elizabeth is a veterinary nurse living in her native Cleveland, Ohio. She has three grown children and now happily shares her little, brick house with a spunky Cardigan Welsh Corgi and his sidekick, tabby cat. Elizabeth is a fan of baseball, basketball (go Cavs and Cleveland Baseball) and gardening. She can often be found working in her ‘outside office’ listening to classic rock and plotter her next novel waiting for it to be dark enough to gaze at the stars.

Elizabeth has received a number of amateur writing awards. Since being published, several of her novels have received Honorable Mentions in the Rainbow Awards. Jewel Cave was a runner-up in the Gay Mystery/Thriller category in the 2015 Rainbow Awards. Ringed Love was a winner in the Gay Fantasy Romance category of the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

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