I love Eliot Grayson as a writer. From the first book I picked up, Like a Gentleman, Eliot Grayson has absolutely resonated with me. Don’t get me wrong, I remember threatening to slap an MC or two but that represents something good to me because I’m lost if I have no passion. Slapping, hugging, crying, laughing, face melting – yep, it’s a thing. All the good stuff? Eliot delivers in spades. References to classic movies, TV shows, great books, some geeking out, they’re there as well when the appropriate moment or setting calls for it. For our 8th blog anniversary I interviewed Eliot Grayson. Check it out here.  

There is real differentiation in the books Eliot Grayson writes – whether by series or style or general feel. Regency, alt-historical, contemporary, PNR, Grayson has you covered. And snarky, hilarious, crazy, sexy, engaging MCs are the order of the day. I need things mixed up because it keeps me interested. I’ve been reading in this genre for over ten years now and I need a new take or some added zing when I read. Yep, I do like a shake-up and some zing in my stories. I absolutely want characters who speak to me. I’ve discovered that I can always count on Eliot Grayson to deliver. 


Eliot Grayson is giving away two very good books for our 10th blog anniversary in e-book format. 1 x contemporary novel The One Decent Thing + 1 x adorable PNR Deven and the Dragon to two different entries as a 2 book winners bundle. If you would like a chance to win these two e-books either join in via Rafflecopter or comment below on the blog. This giveaway runs from October 8th until Midnight on October 16th. The winners will be given 72 hours to respond to our email or we will redraw the giveaway. Good luck and thank you for stopping by and taking part in our 10th blog anniversary.


Author Bio:

I’m an editor by day and a romance writer by night, at least on a good day. I’m more of a procrastinator by day and despairing eater of chocolate by night when inspiration doesn’t flow and my day-job clients are driving me to insanity. Go ahead and guess which of these is more common.

My steady childhood diet of pulp science fiction, classic tales of adventure, and romance novels surreptitiously borrowed from my grandmother eventually led me to writing; I picked up my first M/M romance a few years ago and I’ve been enjoying the genre as a reader and an author ever since.



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