Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Self Published 

Genre:  Gay Romance

Tags: Seasonal – Christmas. Contemporary, Humour 

Length: 172 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza 

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‘Tis the season of Santa and snow and sparkles…and secrets.
With the looming grand opening of Winterworld, the Overton family’s Christmas extravaganza, the last thing groundsman Kem needs is to be partnered with the Overtons’ prodigal son. Kem’s got enough on his plate with a brother increasingly lost to drugs, a spurned boss, herding three adoring but out-of-control wolfhounds, not to mention Lady Overton’s contagious love of all things Christmas, and her never-ending to-do list. He has no time or desire to babysit a clueless young aristocrat.
Fabian’s been travelling the world for the past two years. Or at least, that’s his parents’ version of events. Lying low at the family estate, no home or money or future to call his own, he has no option but to toe their line. And yet, despite his resentment of his every move being orchestrated, he discovers working with Kem has its benefits, including those of the sexy, fun kind.Winterworld isn’t the only magic Kem and Fabian are creating. Attraction, friendship and trust deepen as they discover they have more in common than either thought possible — including pasts and secrets neither wants to talk about. But their budding relationship doesn’t please everyone, and acts of betrayal threaten to blow them apart for good. Can the magic of Christmas, a secretive, sees-all Santa, and a meddling but well-meaning mother, save the day?


Another wholly enjoyable read from Barbara Elsborg.

Kem’s a nice guy living through difficult circumstances in the present time. He’s doesn’t like conflict and is well thought of by most people he knows. There are a couple of problem people in his life though.

Fabian’s history is slowly unravelled as the book and relationship progresses but you know it isn’t the great travels that his mother, Lady Overton, talks about. Dual POV help to have a good feel for both of the MC’s headspace throughout.

The guys are good together. There is chemistry and they are adorably and sexily funny. Kem likes to take the piss out of Fabian about the big sell his mother has given, and Fabian runs with the gags.

Both guys work together, Kem, because Winterworld is his job right now. Fabian, because his parents want him to do… something. Of course, this equation means we’re getting some sweet and sexy romance. Because it’s Barbara Elsborg writing this you know they’ll have to work for it. Not too hard, it is Christmas after all.