Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: J.P. Sayle

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Contemporary, Age Gap (15 Years), Age Play/ABDL, Christmas, Daddy Kink, Romance, Series

Length: 191 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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Blurb –

Terrence only wants one gift for Christmas: Warner.

The discovery of Terrence’s secret leaves him vulnerable when his father goes missing in action. Ill-equipped to deal with the fall-out, Terrence’s world comes crashing down on him. Then Warner steps in to help.

Warner secretly craves to reveal what he hides beneath the tough exterior to Terrence after stumbling over the secret the boy hides. When an opportunity presents itself, Warner has to choose between his friendship with Terrence’s father and giving in to his feelings. Close proximity proves too much to resist, and Warner has to decide if he will risk everything for love.

A Little Christmas: Terrence is an MM Daddy/Little Christmas twist on the Little Princess Classic. Each age play romance book can be read as a standalone.

Review –

Terrence is a secret ‘little’. He thinks he’s hidden his toys and other stuff, but he’s wrong. He’s caught when a member of his father’s staff (a maid, I think?) walks in on him playing in the attic. Knowing good gossip when she sees it, she goes on and tells everybody else who works in Terrence’s father’s home. This gets back to his dad’s attorney a snake and the next thing Terrence knows, the woman is fired. She’s not the only one let go. Pretty much everybody else who works in the household, even those who have been with the family for decades, are fired. The attorney then brings in a horrible person, who’s tasked to watch Terrence like a hawk, and make sure he stays away from his ‘sick perversions’ as they called them.

Terrence’s father – military, I think? – is missing in action. This makes it easier for the attorney and mean woman to control pretty much every aspect of Terrence’s life. It made no sense to me AT ALL, but it is what it is.

Terrence is a few weeks shy of turning twenty-five. On that date, he’ll be in complete control of his father’s business empire which consists of dozens of very successful companies. In other words, his father is a billionaire. The attorney, who his father wrongly trusted, is in charge of all things business and financial until Terrence’s birthday.

Warner and Austin run their security business next door to Terrence’s family home, both being longtime friends of his dad. Warner has always held a special place in his heart for Terrence, though he’s tried to keep it quiet. The last thing he wants to do is hurt his friendship with his father. Even so, he can’t help how he feels, especially when he accidentally discovers that Terrence is a little. With Warner being a Daddy, that just draws him to him more.

When Warner and Austin learn what’s happening next door, Warner jumps in and saves Terrence. With threats, he manages to fire the his mean handler, kick the attorney out of the house, and move in. His only goal is to keep Terrence safe until his father is found and comes back home. His plan is to do this while Austin is in the background finding out what’s really happening with the attorney.

It takes almost no time at all before Warner’s telling Terrence that he knows he’s a little, while at the same time sharing that he’s a Daddy. They move quickly from there, with them jumping into a Daddy/little relationship.

All of that was nice, as it didn’t drag on and on before they started coming together. I liked Warner a lot. He was fifteen years older than Terrence, but I swear you would’ve thought it was forty or more. Not because he came across as old. It’s because Terrence acted like a toddler sometimes, and I’m not referring to when he was in little mode.

Terrence was a college educated man. He was next in line to run his father’s massive business empire. This was no naive child. Well, in years anyway. He was very needy, very jumpy, very fearful of pretty much everybody around him. Instead of standing up to the attorney and the horrible person who became his handler, he cowered and went along without question or argument. I understand hiding his little side from those who didn’t understand it, those who wanted to use it against him. What I didn’t get was why he was incapable of speaking up even a little bit. He literally sat there and took it. Granted, had he done so, the book wouldn’t have been able to play out the way it did, and there would’ve been no need for Warner to come in and rescue him. Even so, I felt that he was too jumpy and scared. I would’ve liked to have seen him stand up for himself. He did once, but it wasn’t enough in my opinion.

There’s a little bit going on in the background regarding Terrence’s father and something the bad attorney is doing. I was pretty pleased with how all that played out.

Warner and Terrence are perfect for each other. You honestly can’t read this book without adoring Warner. Once he and Terrence come together, he’s the perfect partner and Daddy. He jumps in and takes on all of his boy’s problems. Had he not, some pretty shady stuff would’ve continued happening and Terrence wouldn’t have been the wiser. He wouldn’t have been the wiser because he was really clueless about pretty much everything.

There are a few other things that bugged me a little.

I’ve read quite a few age play books, and have seen pretty much everything. Out of it all, only one thing has truly bugged me, and that’s the ‘baby talk’ used by some of the littles. Their playing with toys, coloring, drinking out sippy cups, and even wearing the occasional diaper don’t bug me much, yet the baby talk does. Go figure.

There were a few misspelled words scattered throughout A Little Christmas: Terrence, along with the lack of question marks at the end of a few questions. I was able to mostly overlook it, but I will say – as a southerner from lower Alabama – Y’ALL (ie: you all) is not spelled YA’LL. The book was not set in the South, nor were there any southern characters that I remember. The word was used once by a server, if I’m remembering correctly.

Overall, a good Daddy/boy book. I liked all the major characters with the exception of the ones I was supposed to hate (the attorney, Terrence’s handler). I’m really curious about Austin and would love to see him have his own story if he doesn’t already.